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In front of the King Zulu stage Photo

In front of the King Zulu stage

November 26, 2013 news

VIP Seating Zulu Lundi Gras Festival Monday, February 16, 2015, 10:00am - 6:30pm Woldenberg Park VIP seating in Front of the King Zulu Stage All day seating with in and out privileges. See the… Read More »

Zulu's 2014 Lundi Gras Festival Photo

Zulu's 2014 Lundi Gras Festival

November 19, 2013 news

The Zulu Lundi Gras Festival is a fun-filled day allowing the people of New Orleans and our city visitors and up-close look at the Zulu Characters (King, Queen, Big Shot, Witch Doctor, Ambassador, Mayor, Province Prince, Governor, and Mr. Big Stuf… Read More »

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The Zulu Social Aid & Pleasure Club, Inc. is proud to announce the popular local R&B group Big Frank & Lil Frank will be returning to the Lundi Gras Festival this year. You can see their performance on the Golden Nugget Stage on…



VIP Seating
VIP Seating

VIP Seating in front of the King Zulu stage.

All day reserve seating in front of the King Zulu Stage. Enjoy the great entertainment and witness the arrival of King and Queen Zulu up close. You can purchase your tickets on Eventbrite. 

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